Boost your brand awareness

Efficient Social Media Management Services for Small Businesses

Boost your brand awareness

Efficient Social Media Management Services for Small Businesses

by scottdooley8

As a small business owner, you constantly look for new ways to get your brand on the radar of potential customers. Perhaps you’ve heard about using social media to engage with your existing customers, as well as attract new ones.

Small businesses have the social media marketing advantage over big companies. For one, small local companies tend to be more community and individual-focused. You probably have been involved in several local events, which lead you to connect with some customers. By using social media, you get to bring this community involvement in the digital platform. You can interact better and faster with your customers online. You can foster online customer engagement in a more personalized way than big brands do.

Also, having social media presence gives you the chance to advertise to the right people without spending too much. This means you can create ad posts and target the market within a certain radius of your business without paying hundreds of thousands of dollars each month like big companies that need to target a large market base each time.

Social media advertising for small businesses is a great tool. Even if you don’t pay for extra ad boosting features, you may update your followers on promotions, new productions, and other industry-related information through regular posting.

It just all boils down to how you can manage your social media marketing — and that’s where we come in. Build A Digital Business will take social media management off your plate. This way, you gain more time for other urgent business matters.

Social media is the best place to build an audience and increase brand awareness because the users must interact with your brand in order to see content. This means that the audience has a high affinity for what you are offering. We capitalize with stunning creatives and fresh content that captures the attention of your future customers.

Facebook Advertising Campaign

The Facebook Advertising Campaign marries compelling creatives with expert analytics – allowing you to offer highly targeted advertising services with captivating creatives to stimulate conversion and drive ad goal conversion. Maximize your advertising budget with effective advertising, targeting the right people for the business and then stimulating them with the right creatives to drive conversion.

Why Social Media is a Must For Your Business

With nearly 1.7 billion active users across the globe on Facebook alone, using social media as a place to reach customers is no longer something a business might do, it has become imperative and critical to the overall marketing strategy of a successful business.


Key Benefits of the Service

Our social media service combines creativity with online branding and social engagement strategies to deliver the best way to grow your business online.

  • All-in-one solution covering all social media activities for your business
  • Dedicated social media hours for custom requirements of your business
  • Unique content provided in a calendar for review and approval at month start
  • Strategies covering online branding & social media –  persona, engagement and more.
  • Customizable goals for Social Media – content, engagement, and tailored posting.

How we learn about your business and your goals.

Finding the baseline of  the current performance  of your social media profiles.

The roadmap for the campaign – contains the  strategy, goals, and timelines.

Contains all the details on  the accounts that were created and optimized.

Monthly calendar  showing high-quality content created & scheduled for approval.

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